Dân ta lúc nào cũng lu bu cả: Trời nắng chống nắng, Trời mưa chống nước, rồi Trời mát thì mơ mộng: " Nhớ em dịu hiền nắng chiều ngừng trôi …"

Xin mời coi hình ảnh vui ngộ nghĩnh về người ở Việt Nam chống nắng

As originally reported on by Vietnamese news site VietnamNet, this collection photos shows the bizarre, hilarious, and, let’s be honest, pretty ingenious ways people on the streets of Vietnam are handling the summer rays.
Temperatures in Vietnam hover in the lower 30s (upper 80s/low 90s Farenheit) around June and July, which isn’t hellish, but combined with the extreme subtropical humidity, the place can feel a lot like a cozy pocket in the molten core of the sun, prompting locals to reach for just about any old detritus they can find to block stave off the heat, from cardboard boxes fashioned with armholes, to capes and helmets made of cabbage:

We suppose this means that if, for some insane reason, you’ve made plans to travel to Asia this summer, go ahead and bring along that cabbage suit you drunkenly fashioned for laughs.
Source, photos: VietnamNet